Crime Stoppers serves law enforcement agencies throughout Southern Alameda County.

We began serving the Hayward Police department under the name "Hayward Crime Stoppers" but during the last few years we have expanded to run articles highlighting wanted persons throughout Southern Alameda County.

The departments we now serve include:

Alameda County Sheriff's Department
Alameda County SAFE Task force
Fremont Police
Hayward Police
Newark Police
Pleasanton Police
San Leandro Police
Union City Police

On the first Tuesday of each month, the board and the law enforcemnent officers serving as advisors meet at a local restaurant for breakfast and our general meeting. This meeting allows representatives of the participating law enforcement agencies to recieve information on the activities and plans of the Crime Stoppers organization, as well as advise the Board of Directors on the needs of each agency. Often information is shared between agencies that regards crimes that may cross municipal borders.

This may also be the time when requests are made to pay rewards to tipsters that have helped law enforcement officers aprehend individuals highlighted in the newspapers.

If you are interested in attending a general meeting, and learning more about how Crime Stoppers operates, please contact us.


General Meeting
1st Tuesday of Every Month


Contact a Member of the Board of Directors to confim location and times.

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